Monday 28 May 2018

Zinn. Hartmut - Heiles Land (1982)

The one and only album from this German artist.

Hartmut Zinn plays all the instruments here and they are keyboards, synths, acoustic and electric guitars, bass and some programming.

I am a bit surprised that this album is so obscure. No reviews in ProgArchives and other places. The album is available at Youtube and the cover art-work should draw in the reviewers and listeners.

I am drawn in and the description of the music is interesting. A mix of kraut, ambient and Mike Oldfield has been used to describe it. Even Tubular Bells has been mentioned.

... All of the above is mainly right. I am not sure about the kraut references though.

This album reminds me very much about early Mike Oldfield and to a certain degree; Tubular Bells.
There are also some medieval music here and some baroque sounding music.

The music is synths and acoustic guitars driven with some electric and half-acoustic guitars in the mix too. The music is not really as ambient as I feared. It is still not a particular dynamic album. This is not a rock'n'roll album.

The melodies and the music here is really good and refreshingly laidback too. It is still good music which offers a lot to the mind and imagination of the listener. Check out this rather obscure gem of an album.

3 points

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