Sunday 15 September 2019

Dyble. Judy - Spindle (2006)

The second solo album from this British vocalist.

Judy Dyble played autoharp and did the vocals here.
She was helped out by the likes of Simon House and Robert Fripp..... just to name the most famous ones here.
They provided percussion, bells, chimes, guitars, bass, drums, organ, bouzouki, banjo, flute, dulcimer, saxophone, violin and slide guitars.

Judy Dyble was the original vocalist in Fairport Convention and has also contributed on numerous other albums. She is a living legend in the British folk music scene and highly revered.

She has also released some solo albums too and it is my pleasure to review some of them this year. Well, I hope it will be a pleasure.

The music is off course dominated by Judy Dyble's great vocals. The music is folk rock..... with a twist.

After the good version of the Pink Floyd classic See Emily Play, we first get some good folk rock before the album becomes much more an acid-folk album. It is weird music, this acid-folk. But it is very much good music and it adds a lot of value to the folk rock genre.

All of the songs are really good and this album very much complements my collection of folk and acid-folk albums.

Check out  this good album.

3 points

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