Saturday 12 September 2020

Reed. Alan - First In A Field Of One (2012)


The debut album from this British artist.

Alan Reed did the synths, percussion, bass, keyboards, guitars and vocals himself. 

He did have help from a quintet who provided guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion and female vocals.

Alan Reed was the lead vocalist in Pallas from Scotland before they parted ways and both parties went on to releasing their own albums.

Alan Reed is a proud Scotsman and that influences his music. There is a lot of Scottish folk rock in his music. That is blended with some neo-prog and pop-rock.

Alan has a good voice and Christina Booth from Magenta also delivers some good vocals too. 

The music on this forty odd minutes long album has a singer/songwriter feel as Alan is trying to stand on his own two feet.

There are too much simple rock here and the music does not have any really good songs either. It is still worth checking out this album.

2.5 points


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