Wednesday 28 October 2020

Marillion - Holidays in Eden (1991)

The sixth album from this British band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, guitars and vocals.

I really loved their previous album Seasons End from 1989. That was the first Steve Hogarth vocals album and he impressed me.

And so did Steve Rothery on guitars too. I had previously thought that Fish was the main sound of Marillion. I was wrong. Steve Rothery's guitars is.

They are again very much present on this album and the big positive attraction on this album.

Steve Hogarth and the other musicians does their best too.

The quality of the songs are a pretty huge drop from Seasons End.

The music is meandering neo-prog which simply does not hit the right tones and melodies.

Half of this album is pretty good and the rest is barely decent.

I still rate this album but not as high as their first five albums.

2.5 points



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