Monday 4 January 2021

Logos - Sadako E Le Mille Gru Di Carta (2020)

The fourth album from this Italian band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of drums, bass, mandolin, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

A further quartet of musicians added saxophone, guitars, drums and vocals.

The band is one of the better new RPI - Rock Progressive Italiano bands. 

Their self-titled debut album was released back in 1999 and got a great welcome. It is one of those albums all RPI fans must check out.

The two following albums cemented their position as one of the progressive rock bands to keep an eye on.

The band returned again in July 2020 with this album.

The music is lush and pastoral RPI with a lot of ELP like pieces of melodies inbetween cascades of classic RPI with a great 1970s sound.

The vocals are great and there is a lot of interesting pieces of music here. 

The album is over an hour long and offers up some very good music.

This is an album everyone into RPI and symphonic prog should check out. 

3.5 points

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