Friday 31 January 2020

East Of Eden - Kalipse (1997)

The ninth album from this British band.

The band is a trio with a lineup of flute, drum programming, violin, saxophones, guitars and guitar synths.
A guest musician helps out on bass.

This band started out very promising as an avant-garde band. Their first two albums had avant-garde so dense that it was almost impossible to review. Those two albums are their best albums and the two albums this band is known for.

The band then took us to folk rock and Americana. Those albums are best forgotten.

Kalipse sees the band takes another sharp left turn. That to an area they have never ever visited before.

That means fusion with a lot of gypsy music influences.

There is also some strong jazz elements here and it is obvious that the music of Jean Luc Ponty has left it's marks on this incantation of East Of Eden.

The music is pretty nice and cosy. I am am comfortable in the company of this album.

There is not much good music here and it is sorely lacking in quality, this fifty-five minutes long album. It is a decent album and just that.

2 points

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