Saturday 13 October 2018

Braen's Machine - Underground (1971)

The debut album from this Italian band.

The band was a duo of Alessandro Alessandroni and Piero Umiliano. The lineup was drums, guitars and synths.

This studio project gave us two albums before they gave up. I got both albums and will review the second album sometimes soon.

Braen's Machine is regarded as an RPI - Rock Progressive Italiano band. The music is nowhere near the like of the RPI standards bearers PFM and Banco.

The music on Underground has more in common with krautrock than RPI. Much more in common with krautrock than RPI in fact... Guru Guru springs to mind here.

OK, the music is in the vein of Goblin and the movie tracks scores. Enrico Morricone was a major influence on Braen's Machine. Both members of this duo worked with him before setting up this duo.

The music is still very dynamic with a lot of distorted guitars, a lot of avant-garde trickeries and some fuzzed out keyboards. The music is pretty heavy at times and nowhere near ambient.

It still has this movie soundtrack vibe and quality. Probably for a horror movie and a gory crime movie. Or TV series, for that matter.

The quality is actually decent to good as this forty minutes long album is pretty compelling listening. Yes it has some flaws. But there is still enough here to interest the listener. Hence my rating.

2.5 points

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