Saturday 26 June 2021

Bringolf. Serge - Vision (1981)

The second album from this French drummer.

Serge Bringolf had with him an eight piece big band with a lineup of woodwinds, bass, guitars, marimba, vibraphone and vocals.

Serge Bringolf was playing with Art Zoyd, Jaques Thollot and Zao before and during his release of his only three albums. These three albums were all released in the 1980s. A live album was also released.

We are again in the zeuhl genre.

This album is very much in the Magma zeuhl tradition. But there is some significant differences.

The music on Vision is much more jazz based than the usual fare from Magma. The zeuhl here is also a bit understated and laid back. 

The drums is very tight though. Serge Bringolf's drums.

There are some nice vocals here too in addition to a lot of vibraphone and woodwinds.

The music is somewhere between decent and good. I am not entirely sold on this album.

2.5 points

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