Thursday 21 February 2019

Farmhouse Odyssey - Rise of the Waterfowl (2016)

The second and the latest album from this US band.

Farmhouse Odyssey was a quartet with a lineup of bass, keyboards, drums, guitars and vocals.

I very much liked their self-titled 2015 album. Urban symphonic prog.

And that is what we get here again from this New York band.

Greenwich Village like bohemian folk and pop-folk mixed with English symphonic prog. The bohemian world meets the apple orchards.

The music is pretty understated and pastoral. There is nothing of this big-is-better US symphonic prog here. There is some influences from the old US symphonic prog bands though.... Cathedral springs to mind here.

But most of it is pastoral and very nice indeed.

Several of the melodies and melody lines is bordering to eclectic too with a pretty eclectic prog sounding vocal on the top.

This is again a pretty remarkable album from this band. A band who has not got the attention it deserve.

This is indeed a very good album and one to check out. Do so.

3.5 points

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