Friday 8 May 2020

Baleia - Atlas (2016)

The second album from this band from Brazil.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, woodwinds, percussion and vocals.

The vocals are both male and female vocals in Portoguese.

As on the debut album, the music on this album is pretty laid back mix of local language tropico, pop, rock, jazz and progressive rock.

Most of all, the music is tropico with some jazz influences.

The music is pretty laid back and lush. The local culture and sound is evident on this album.

The music is pretty bland though and there is not much here to be happy about. It is obvious that the band is not really up to the task when it comes to writing good songs.

This album is by no means a terrible album. It is just barely a decent album and that is that.

1.5 points

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