Sunday 12 August 2018

Fritsch. Eloy - Cyberspace (2000)

The fourth album from this Brazilian artist.

Eloy Fritsch did all the instruments here on this album. That means guitars, synths, keyboards, bass and drums. My guess is that the synths did all the instruments.

I have been reviewing some of his albums this year and have a handful more of his albums to review.

The cover art-work gives me the impression that this is a second-rate speed or thrash metal album from Germany. It is not. But I would still have bypassed this album in a record shop if I had found it there. I am not a big fan of German speed metal.

Those fans of German speed metal who purchased this album would have returned it to the shop immediate after purchasing it. That complete with some expletives and choice words....

The music is synth based semi-classical music. This album is as plastic as you can get.

This album is also very long, clocking in at seventy-five minutes. It does not have much music to be happy about either.

A couple of decent melodies livens up this dull-fest of an album. Besides of that, don't bother unless synths based semi-classical music is your kind of joy.

1.5 points

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