Saturday 31 October 2020

Katsionis. Bob - Imaginary force (2004)

The second album from this Greek keyboardist and guitarist.

Bob Katsionis on keyboards had got help from six other musicians who provided guitars, bass, toumbeleki, drums and vinyl scratching.

This Nightfall and Septic Flesh guitarist has so far released five solo albums. I only got his first two albums.

His debut album was hugely unimpressive. 

So it was a good idea to hire in some more musicians on the follow up album.

The album is still a keyboards and guitar hero album. 

Most of this fifty minutes long album consist of guitar and keyboards shredding in two hundred miles an hour. There is very little harmonies and slow tempo stuff here. Everything is ultra-fast or fast. 

And the music metal and not much else. There are some goth metal here too.

The result is a half-decent album which fans of shredding should check out. I am no fan of that genre at all. 

1.5 points

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