Saturday, 23 May 2020

Lucifer's Friend - Good Time Warrior (1978)

The sixth album from this German band.

The band was a quintet on this album with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, guitars, organ, piano, keyboards, clavinet, electric piano and vocals.

The original vocalist John Lawton has left the band and the band was looking to find a new direction.

There was some hard rock left in their music. A music whose references now was Queen, Elton John and Supertramp.

The music is a kind of boogie soft hard rock with a lot of pop too.

The songs are pretty catchy and very commercial. It feels like the band want to leave Germany and their roots behind them and move over the Atlantic Ocean to Florida.

The music has a Mid-Atlantic Ocean crisis sound.

When going for Lucifer's Friends albums, this one can be safely ignored as the turkey it is.

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