Thursday 26 March 2020

Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation (1968)

The fourth album from this US band.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of piano, organ, guitars, bass, drums and vocals.
Numerous guest musicians provided congas, bongos, talking drums, guitars, woodwinds, piano, keyboards and vocals. David Crosby and Frank Zappa is among those guest musicians on this album.

The now established Jefferson Airline setup is with us on this album. That shows.

The album starts with a folk rock song though and I wonder if I by accident had got the wrong album. I had not.

The band has gotten rid of their avant-garde and ambient stuff. What is left is a songs orientated album.

The music has also been a lot more streamlined and all dead weight has been disposed of.

The music is much more commercial than on their previous album After Bathing At Baxter's. But it is not pop music what we get here.

The music is very much west-coast psych rock.

There is a lot of harmonies on this album which is both intricate and full of quirky details. Grace Slick does a great job on her own too. 

The music is accessible but also pretty dark and intricate. The best song is the title song. A very good song indeed. The other songs are not that strong or as immediate as the title track.

This is a good album which really should appeal to everyone who likes psych and progressive rock.

3 points

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