Tuesday 12 June 2018

Project Patchwork - Re|Flection (2018)

The second album from this German band.

Project Patchwork is really only a one man project on this album with Gerd Albers playing acoustic guitars and drums.
He has help from numerous other musicians who provides saxophones, bass, keyboards, guitars and vocals. Both male and female vocals.

I did not get the chance to hear their 2015 debut album Tales From A Hidden Dream. So I cannot say anything about that album.

Gerd Albers with friends gives us German neo-prog with some prog metal influences.

This album is seventy-two minutes long divided on eleven songs. Some are long and some are rather short.

The music is not very hard. It is ticking along nicely just as the clock on my wall is doing. It is not particular interesting or good either. The vocals are good and the musicians is doing their best with some songs who are very bland and substandard.

This is a decent enough album and not something that really leaves any positive impressions.

2 points

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