Saturday 23 June 2018

Time Collider - Travel Conspiracy (2018)

The debut album from this English band.

Time Collider is a quintet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, bass and vocals.

The band is five middle aged men who has decided to play hard hitting progressive rock. That means heavy progressive rock.

Obvious references here are Rush. The band has also added Foo Fighter and Yes as bands they sounds like. Foo Fighter..... yes. Yes....... a not so obvious reference.

The band is giving us seventy-two minutes of heavy prog on this album. The music is not hard all the time. But it is still a heavy and hard album.

The band does a good job and the vocals are really good. The sound is also really good.

The quality of the music is a bit hit and miss with a mix of good and decent songs. Some of the songs are based on catchy and pretty poppy choruses. Choruses with a lot of punk references. And the music sometimes falls down to that level, punk. Hence the Foo Fighter references.

This album is somewhere between decent and good. It is an album they can take on the road and indeed they are taking on the road. The music here probably sounds better live than on this album.

2.5 points


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