Monday 30 March 2020

Os Mutantes - Fool Metal Jack (2013)

The tenth album from this band from Brazil.

The band was a sextet on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, organ, piano, flutes and vocals.

The band was by now veterans and hardly any of the original members was left in this band. They still soldiered on under this name....

The band changed from lyrics and vocals in their mother-tongue and went English. The female vocals are back.

The band also moved much more back towards psych rock on this album. There is not so much tropicana, though...

This fifty minutes long album offers up a huge variety of music. From reggae, hare krishna and to pop and folk music. That with a lot of psych and acid rock colors in the music.

The male and female vocals are OK and the rest of the band does their best on some not so good material. Songs which is pretty simplified and does not offer the brain much stimulants. 

This album is a shadow of what Os Mutantes was on their best. It is still a decent album though.

2 points

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