Monday, 27 April 2020

Jade Warrior - Way Of The Sun (1978)

The seventh album from this British duo.

The band is Jon Field and Tony Duhig as performers/keyboards and composers.
They had help from guest musicians who provided drums, congas, bass, harp, sax and flugelhorn.

Jade Warrior is a fascinating band. Their music is not quite ambient, not quite symphonic prog, not quite classical music and not quite Japanese classical music.

On this album, you find all these four genres merged into one expression.......... Way Of The Sun, a forty minutes long album.

The music on this album is very, very lush with a great deal of Japanese classical music and symphonic prog. The music is not so much ambient although it is relaxing music, indeed.

There is a lot of excellent flutes here which seduce the listener and takes them to another world. Ditto for the acoustic guitars too.

The music is pretty dynamic with some interesting details scattered around these nine rather short pieces of music.

This is indeed a very good album too and some of the themes here are joyful listening. There is not enough of them, though. Nevertheless, this is a very good album.

3.5 points

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