Sunday 15 September 2019

Brand X - X Communication (1992)

The seventh album from this British band.

The band were by now reduced to a trio with a lineup of drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and samples.
A guest musician was helping out on flute.

This is their first album for a while who does not include any cast offs from their Product recording session.

It is also an album without Phil Collins. The band was down to the core of the band.

There is no pop or anything else than pure jazz and jazz-rock here.

The music is avant-garde at times and most of the album is not easy listening. The music is more jazz than rock.

The band really know their stuff and does please their followers on this album. The band is still pleasing their fans as they are touring this year, in 2019.

This album has some good and some decent stuff. I am not entirely won over by this album and will bypass their final album.

The band was a very good band and deserve their good reputation. Reputation not build on this album.

2.5 points

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