Saturday 1 December 2018

Presto Ballet - Love What You've Done To The Place (2011)

An EP from this US band.

Presto Ballet was a quintet on this EP with a lineup of drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and vocals.

This release is listed as an EP. But it is forty minutes long and it seems like good enough to be labeled as a full album. The band released an album the same year though and that may explain this EP.

If this is a left-over tracks release, I wonder why this is socalled B material and discarded material from other albums. Maybe the songs did not fit in.

The music here has only a few traces of progressive metal. The band has moved towards US symphonic prog and the likes of Rush. There are very strong Rush influences here.

The band has also taken some bars from ELP's Tarkus here. I guess this as a tribute to ELP. A good one too.

The music is pretty hard, but never heavy. It is also dynamic and full of life. The keyboards is really cool and ditto for the guitars and vocals.

My only real gripe with this album is the lack of some stronger songs. But this is still an album... sorry.... EP.... I really like. Check it out.

3 points

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