Tuesday 22 May 2018

Zed Pm - Between the Lines (2017)

The debut album from this US project.

Zed PM is the brainchild of Will Murley from Florida in USA. He does all the vocals and guitars here and has hired in other musicians on each songs.

Will Murley looks and sounds like a wonderkid and he has expressed himself on this name your price Bandcamp album. I know how it feels as I have published two novels through Amazon. But I am no wonderkid.

Between The Lines gives us one hundred minutes of modern progressive rock. There is a lot of post rock, jazz, neo-prog, heavy prog, electronica, art rock, funk, cinematic music and psych rock on this album.

Will Murley is both a good guitarist and a good vocalist. He keeps this project together. A project which reminds me a lot about Porcupine Tree.

Self-control is somewhat missing here as one hundred minutes is a lot to take in. There is also some material here which is not entirely good. Material which maybe should not have been on this album.

In short; this is trial by error debut album and it is a good album too. There is some parts of it which is very good indeed. That is why I recommend that everyone into Porcupine Tree and modern progressive rock checks out this album. I will follow Will Murley's progress with interest over the next years.

3 points 

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