Friday, 19 July 2019

Fearful Symmetry - Louder Than Words (2019)

The debut album from this English duo.

The duo is Suzi James and Jeremy Shotts. They do guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals.
Some guest musicians does saxophone, drums, piano, guitars and vocals.

This is a totally new name to me and one of the many new bands releasing their debut albums this year. Bands in the prog and close to the prog genre.

I am not sure if Fearful Symmetry is a prog rock band though.....

The album starts with the title track. It starts out like The Beatles on Sgt Peppers for then turn into Pink Floyd and some Genesis. A good track by all means.

There is a lot of classic rock on this album and some pop. That and some lighter and non-technical progressive rock. Neo-prog, that is. There is also some more fusion'ish pieces here.

The album has a nice blend of more lively stuff and the more pastoral pieces.

These forty minutes gives us quirky, intelligent rock/prog rock on the sunny side and is a good album for those who need a bit of a cheering up.... and also for the rest of us. It is a sunny album, indeed.

This is therefore a good album who may not be a prog rock album but still an intelligent album who should also appeal to prog rock fans.

3 points


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