Sunday 25 November 2018

Karmic Juggernaut - The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of (2018)

The debut album from this US band.

The band is a sextet with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars, flute, keyboards, percussion and vocals.
They had help from guest musicians who provided percussion, trombone and trumpet.

This band has done some good gigs this summer which has put them on the map. That is why it is so strange that their album has got so few reviews.

It deserves a lot more reviews.

The band is listed as an avant-garde/RIO band in ProgArchives. Something that made me approach this album with a lot of caution. This genre takes a lot out of me in a busy working life.

I should not have been worried.

The band offers up a mix of jazz, eclectic prog, college rock, symphonic prog and..... avant-garde/RIO. The music is both melodic and not so melodic.

It is full of life and madness too where the woodwinds comes in and falls out the most strange places in some music that is very lively. Ditto for the vocals and the guitar solos.

There is even a track which could had been on a 1970s album from Yes here. And that says a lot. And that track is not an odd one out track on this album.

This album is infectious lively and full of youth. It is an album you should all check out. It is a very good album indeed.

3.5 points

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