Sunday 8 December 2019

Big Big Train - The Second Brightest Star (2017)

The 11th album from this British band.

The band was now an eight piece big band with a lineup of cello, lute, mandolin, viola, violin, guitars, bass, flute, drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, banjo, celesta and vocals.
The band was helped out  by a set of woodwinds and a string quartet.

This album is a mix of new songs and some extended versions of some songs from Folklore and Grimspound. Hence, this album clocks in at over seventy minutes long.

The band is now as the height of their creativity and popularity. Both of that shows here.

The cover art work says a lot about the music on this album. Well, most of all everything about the music here.

Big Big Sound takes us through a lush landscape. That is both on the original material and the extended versions. There is not much, if any differences between this these two sets of songs.

The music is epic symphonic at times and pastoral symphonic prog at times. On this album, we are really talking symphonic prog. Not perhaps as in Genesis, ELP and Yes. But more the way Big Big Train takes us through a railway in the middle of England. One of the sidelines to the main lines.

David Longdon's vocals is superb as usual and the band backs him up with some lush playing.

This is a very good album from a band who has got a new fan in me.... building up on their last albums. I am converted.

3.5 points

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