Wednesday 23 May 2018

Sassi. Yossi - Illusion Of Choice (2018)

The fourth album from this Israeli artist.

Yossi Sassi (bouzoukitara, bouzoiki, guitars, charango, oud, chumbush, mandolin and vocals) has got help from seven piece big The Oriental Rock Orchestra who contributes with drums, percussion, flutes, guitars, choirs, kanun and bass.
They have again got help from some guest musicians who provided violin, strings and choirs.

That is a big effort, this album. A big cast indeed.

I have reviewed his previous three albums for # 1 of this blog and you can find these reviews there.

Yossi Sassi has been a busy man this year as his band Orphaned Land is also out with a new album. I have not heard that album yet.

On this album, Yossi Sassi has included a lot of Middle East folk music in his blend of progressive rock and progressive metal. The result is a very exotic sounding album indeed.

The mood is very oriental too. And the music is also very melodic with both male and female vocals. This is indeed a quirky forty minutes long album.

It is also a very good album with lots of very good details and melodies. Yossi Sassi manages to capture the imagination of the listener with this album. That even with a not so interesting ballad with female vocals thrown into the mix too. But that song too is very good.... although not so interesting.

This is indeed an album well worth checking out. Yossi Sassi is on his own and on his own albums a very interesting artist. He is one of the better ones in the scene. Check out this album.

3.5 points

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