Thursday 3 October 2019

Dyble. Judy - The Whorl (2006)

The third album from this British artist.

Judy Dyble did the autoharp and vocals here.
She had help from the likes of Robert Fripp, Simon House and others who provided guitars, violins, keyboards, saxophone, flute, drums, percussion, dulcimer, bouzouki, banjo, bells and organs.

Judy Dyble debuted in Fairport Convention and has had quality wise very impressive career after their debut album in 1968. She is still an active musician and music composer.

She released The Spindle too in 2006. Maybe even on the same day. That album is very good and you can read my review somewhere else in this blog.

The Whorl takes Judy Dyble again on a more acid folk path than I really expected. Just as on The Spindle. There is a lot of electronica here too. A bit of Kate Bush is evident here.

Her take on the King Crimson classic I Talk To The Wind is a good one. It is the one that jumps out from this album. There is a lot of instruments on that songs and far more than on the original version.

There is in general a lot of instruments on this album with Judy's voice floating on the top of the sound. That is not a bad thing at all. It is just an observation.

This is a really good album and cement's my view that her music is some of the most interesting to come out of the British folk rock scene.

3 points

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