Thursday 25 October 2018

Nemo - Si, Partie 1 (2006)

The fourth album from this French band.

Nemo was a quartet on this album with a lineup of keyboards, drums, bass, guitars and French vocals.
A guest musician provided cello.

I have to say this band is one that really intrigues me. Both from afar and when I am listening to their music.

I am not hiding that I am a big fan of French symphonic prog. The likes of Mona Lisa and Ange.

Nemo is not a symphonic prog band. But there is still a lot of French symphonic prog in their music. There is also some prog metal and a lot of eclectic prog in their music. The band is rightly listed as an eclectic prog band.

This album is pretty melodic though with a lot of prog metal involved too. And French symphonic prog.The music is not extreme eclectic. It still offers up plenty of food for thought.

There are one great song here....... Ici, Maintenant it called. The main theme is brilliant pastoral French symph prog.

The two other songs and the two suites are all good to very good. I really like this album a lot although it is not a great album.

Check out this very good album and this interesting band.

3.5 points

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