Friday 30 August 2019

Lorian - Virginal Mind (1995)

The one and only album from this German band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of guitars, synths, bass, drums and vocals.

Lorian was one of the many neo-prog bands coming out of Germany at that time. This album was released on a small label and did not do much. So the band were disbanded and left for people who are into obscure albums to explore. People like myself.

That is a great shame as the music is far from obscure or eclectic.

Take a big chunk of Saga and add a lot of Marillion and neo-prog. Then you get this album.

Commercial prog in other words and this album would have gone down well if it had been released today and on a bigger record label.

The vocals are really good and the music is rather muscular while being melodic.

There is a lot of good music on this seventy minutes long album. Unfortunate, there is no great music here and that is a bit of a shame.

Nevertheless, this is a solid album and one many people into neo-prog will enjoy if they can get hold of this album. Maybe it is on Youtube.

3 points


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