Saturday 11 July 2020

Proximal Distance - Proximal Distance (2010)

The one and only album from this US band.

This band is a duo of Jeff Hamel from Majestic and Gregg Johns from Slychosis. They do the keyboards, guitars and bass.
They have help from three other musicians who does the drums and vocals.

The vocals are female and the music is pretty much middle of the road US neo-prog with a lot of symphonic prog, AOR and some metal influences. There are also some electronica and some musical influences here.

The album is seventy-five minutes long and starts off with some dynamic instrumental bits where also electronica plays a part.

The album starts to who it's true colours after ten minutes with a lot of female vocals and melodic prog.

There is some dissonant vocals around this album too and that adds colours to this album.

The music is a bit of a child of it's time. US neo-prog was in vogue ten years ago. Proximal Distance is a good example of this genre.

This is a good album where the standards never drops. There is no outstanding tracks here though. Nevertheless, this is a fine effort.

3 points

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