Friday 22 June 2018

Everon - Bridge (2002)

The fifth album from this German band.

Everon was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, percussion, drums and vocals.

I have really enjoyed their last two albums and the band has shown good progression. Unfortunate without capturing the imagination of the prog rock or the prog metal world. Or the general public.

You can find my reviews of their first four albums somewhere else in this blog. My reviews of their final two albums will also be added later this summer.

The band has now found their own style. It is a style based on a mix of prog metal and heavy prog. A mix of Dream Theater and Saga.
There are even a couple of ballads in their mid-tempo music.

There is a nice mix of very good vocals, keyboards and guitars on this one hour long album. An album which will probably satisfy the prog metal scene more than it satisfies the prog rock scene. But their music is not very hard and it is mostly mid-tempo.

The music is elegant and competent. The music is good throughout too. There is no great songs here and that is my only gripe with this album.

3 points

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