Thursday 17 May 2018

Shadow Merchant - Tomorrow (2018)

The second album from this US band.

Shadow Merchant is a quintet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Both male and female vocals.

I reviewed their 2014 debut album The Tunnel back in April 2015. It is quite a charming album with a youthful, charming energy. An album only a US band could release. You can read this review here.

The band continues in the same direction laid down on their debut album.

The music is pretty hard, but never heavy. There is a lot of female vocals inbetween some male vocals. The music is lively. The teenybopper element has largely disappeared.

There is some Rush and some Panic Room in their music. The music is also at times pretty sugar-sweet. And they are also pretty symphonic prog at times.

This is a US prog rock album. Do not have any doubts about that.

There is no real great tracks here. But the music is good throughout and a quite a pleasure. Shadow Merchant has again delivered the merchandise..... (sorry, I could not resist this pun).

3 points


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