Monday 14 May 2018

Foxtrot - A Shadow Of The Past (1984)

The one and only album from this Norwegian band.

Foxtrot was a quintet with a lineup of keyboards, programming, bass, drums, guitars, moog, mini moog and vocals.

This album was released in 1984 by some musicians who had released three pop albums under the name Small Affairs and whose best times was still ahead of them. All the musicians here has had substantial careers after 1984.

In a debate on Facebook, it turns out that some of the musicians is working on the demo tapes that ended up as this album and that there may be some new stuff on the way too.

The band name suggests some Genesis inspirations. The music is more like neo-prog than Genesis. There are even some Depeche Mode soundscapes here. The Genesis inspirations is more in the background.

There is also a lot of Camel inspirations here and the band has obviously been very inspired by them. There is also some Saga influences here.

There is a lot of synths here and the sound is not the best one.... having this 1980s synths sound. The music is not that bad as the synths sound. This forty minutes long album has some decent and some rather good songs too. The ideas is also rather good.

This album is somewhere between decent and good. Check it out if you can find it...

2.5 points

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