Sunday 13 May 2018

Anyone's Daughter - Living The Future (2018)

The ninth album from this German band.

Anyone's Daughter is a trio with a lineup of keyboards, guitars and vocals.
They have been helped out by numerous guest musicians who has provided drums, bass and vocals.

This band was once a very respectable, promising German symphonic prog band. You can read my review of their debut album here and my review of their third album here.

That was then..... These days, the band is a totally different band.

Think back to the days of EuroPop, think about the 1990s boyband scene. Think about today's pop/rock scene who are based on catchy melodies and catchphrases.

This is where we find today's Anyone's Daughter and this album.

This is a straight pop/rock album who has even mauled Jimi Hendrix standard Voodoo Chile and made it into muzak.

Today's Anyone's Daughter is everything the original band was not. This album is a travesty and a truly horrible album with half-baked pop/rock songs and as slick as a piece of oil spillage.

Horrible, horrible, horrible.... and a turkey.

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