Wednesday 1 May 2019

Conqueror - In Orbita (2019)

The sixth album from this Italian band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of flute, keyboards, drums, percussion, saxophone, bass, guitars and female Italian vocals.
A violinist added her violin sporadic to this album.

I have reviewed their first five albums in # 1 of this blog. These are good, solid RPI albums. A bit different, though....

This band is fronted by a female vocalist and their take on RPI coloured by that.

Their take on RPI, Rock Progressive Italiano, has some cool, almost detached vocals. Add some warm saxophones and keyboards plus some guitars too. That makes a special sound. A lush sound.

The music is a mix of RPI with some jazz. The jazz is pretty laidback and almost lounge-jazz at times.
There are also a lot of folk rock in their music. That too adds to their take on RPI.

There is again, as on their previous album, a lack of great or even good songs. Well, there are some good songs on this fifty minutes long album. But not many.

This is barely a good album, but I am still not won over by this output.

3 points

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