Monday, 6 April 2020

Bernard & Pörsti - Gulliver (2020)

The debut album from this international duo.

This duo is Marco Bernard on bass and Kimmo Porsti on drums and percussion.
They had help from twenty guest musicians who provided guitars, keyboards, violin, woodwinds and vocals.

Bernard & Pörsti is a part of the Samurai Of Prog family. The musicians is the usual musicians involved in that project. This time, Steve Unruh was not available to 2/3 of Samurai Of Prog; Bernard & Pörsti, went alone.

This concept album is based on Jonathan Swift's classic Gulliver's Travels. It is still a very popular novel and a classic one.

The music very much follows in the same vein as the other Samurai Of Prog albums. Fans of this band, flash your credit card now.

That is flowery symphonic prog with some classical music influences. The vocals are in various languages and from various vocalists.

This album is one hour long and the Gulliver story weaves it's way through some pretty varied music and in a concept album manner.

It is also a very good album indeed which very much would make any symphonic prog fan happy.
If this is the future of the Samurai Of Prog franchise, I am happy.

3.5 points

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