Wednesday 27 February 2019

Glass Hammer - Chronomonaut (2018)

The 18th album from this US band.

Glass Hammer is a quartet with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals. Both male and female vocals.
The band had help from some woodwinds, steel guitar, mandolin, xtra guitars, drums and vocals.

Glass Hammer is trustfully releasing albums on a regular basis. Albums in the US neo-prog/symphonic prog genre.

Their albums is always hit or miss albums. The quality varies slightly from album to album. They have yet to write and release their best album yet, I feel.

That is no criticism, btw. The band has a lot of talents and the listener is always safe with an album from this band. One of the better bands in the genre.

Symphonic US neo-prog with female vocals and some woodwinds is what we get on this seventy minutes long album. The sound is excellent and this album follows nicely on from their previous albums.

There is no great songs here and some of the songs are nice on the heart but does not offer much for the brain.

Nevertheless, this is another more than acceptable album from this band and a good album too. An album I will listen to again in years to come.

3 points

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