Saturday 31 August 2019

De Lorians - De Lorians (2019)

The debut album from this Japanese band.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of didgeridoo, cello, khoomii, drums, percussion, electric piano, organ, bass, guitars, synths, saxophone, saxelle and voices.

Japan has given us a lot of weird and wonderful bands during the last two decades. De Lorians is attempting to follow in this tradition.

The music on this album is based in Canterbury prog. Or Canterbury jazz as there is little or no rock and prog here.

Take the average of the Soft Machine albums from Third to Bundles. That is the basis of their music. But also add some Egg and some National Health here.

The music very jazzy though and also makes a detour into zeuhl during the half an hour of music. The music is not particular melodic although it is full of eclectic details and quirkiness.

The music is dominated by saxophones. But the organ and electric piano is also very much present. The music is wild and untamed.... thankfully !!

De Lorians has delivered a very good debut album and prog and Canterbury fans are rightly very happy about.

This is indeed a very good album and a band I will follow with great interest.

3.5 points

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