Wednesday 10 April 2019

Perdomo. Fernando - Out to Sea 2 (2019)

The sixth progressive rock album from this US guitarist.

Fernando Perdomo does all the instruments here and has hired in other musicians to fill in the small gaps here and there.

This is the direct follow up album to the 2018 album Out To Sea. An album I have reviewed for this blog too.

Fernando Perdomo, a member of Dave Kerzner band, is mainly a guitarist. And this album is, as Out To Sea is, a guitar focused album.

It is an instrumental album too.

References are Camel. Quite obviously too, the listener will notice straight away.

The music is very fresh and has some great cinematic themes too. Maybe too many of them as the music sometimes are a bit pedestrian. But the best parts of this album is both melodic and dynamic with some great themes.

This album is an improvement on the debut album. And it is a good album too. On the other hand, it is a bit dull and not that very interesting. Nevertheless, check it out.

3 points

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