Monday 26 October 2020

Gospel of Death - We Are Only Here To Suffer (2020)


The debut album from this one man project from Canada.

This one man does the computers and some guitars and vocals.

The genre is funeral doom. A quite majestic genre I like a lot and I will try to introduce some more funeral doom albums in this blog this year and next year. They belong in this blog.

The album is a Bandcamp album and is available from here. It is a name-your-price album too.

The album is not an all-out metal attack. It has some ambience and some rather melodic parts too.

Most of all, the grieving pieces of music is rather grieving with a note of post-rock too.

This album is well over seventy minutes long and it may be some minutes too long.

It is still a decent to good album and well worth checking out. The funeral doom genre is alive and well. Just as I like it.

2.5 points


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