Monday 28 September 2020

Univers Zero - The Hard Quest (1999)

The sixth album from this band from Belgium.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of violin, woodwinds, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, drums, piano and vocals.

The band is still going strong in 1999. This is their sixth album.

The band introduced electricity into their sound after their fourth album and that has given their bare sound a new dimension.

We are still in the middle of avant-garde land. This is indeed one of the biggest avant-garde bands of all time. That is, in the progressive rock scene.

There is no rock here though. 

The band gives us some very darkened chamber classical music with a lot of woodwinds and violins.

The music is indeed very dark.

It is also very compelling and has a lot of very interesting details..... and dare I say...... whisper it... melodies too.

The music is indeed good on this fifty minutes long album and this album is well worth checking out. It is perhaps so far their best album, six albums into their career.

3 points

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