Monday, 18 May 2020

Canterbury Glass - Sacred Scenes And Characters (2007)

The one and only album from this British band.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of flute, harmonica, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

This album was meant to be released back in 1968. But the record labels did not like the album at all and it spent almost forty years hidden in an archive before it was cleaned up and released.

The cleaning up also included Steve Hackett and his guitars being added on one track.

The music on this forty-three minutes long album is psych folk rock. No less and no more.

The music is a bit naive and beat like at times. But the harmonica adds a lot of blues feel and the flute adds folk rock. The guitars are psych rock like. There are some The Rolling Stones vibes on this album too.

The vocals are really good.

I wonder what would have happened to the music scene if this album in it's purest form was released back in 1968. I think it would had been a nice addition and given the band a bit of a legends status.

These days, this album is an obscurity and ditto for the band.

This is a good album though and well worth checking out.

3 points


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