Thursday 18 June 2020

Effigy For Sleep - Giants Tears (2017)

The debut album from this English band.

The band was a trio with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

The band has released at least three albums and I got two of them up for review.

Their music is a potent mix of hard prog, post-punk, heavy metal, alternative rock, djent and ambient music.

The music is pretty hard at times with some growl vocals. Most of the vocals are normal and good.

The music is a bit on the pop formula based too.

The music is very much straight in the face post-millenium. It is youthful and lively with lots of metal riffs and grunge vocals.

The quality is pretty good on this half an hour long album. The music is too simplistic for my liking. Nevertheless, the music is pretty good.

The end result is an album somewhere between decent and good.

2.5 points

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