Saturday 22 May 2021

Moonrise - The Lights of a Distant Bay (2008)

The debut album from this one-man band from Poland.

Moonrise is Mr Kamil Koneizniak on edrums, bass, guitars and keyboards.

The vocalist from Millenium, Lukasz Gall, does the vocals here.

Moonrise has so far released four albums and I got all of them up for review this summer. Something I have been looking forward too for quite a while now.

This album is fifty-three minutes long and gives us a mix of instrumental symphonic prog and neo-prog with some vocals inbetween.

The music is a mix of elegant simplicity and epic neo-classical music. 

There are also some pure songs here which is pretty elegant and contains some very good vocals from Mr. Gall from Millenium, another great one-man band from Poland.

The result is an elegant album and a really good album. One to really cherish and enjoy while relaxing or doing something else.

Check out this album.

3 points

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