Sunday 27 December 2020

Picton. Chris - Still Life (2012)

The second album from this English artist.

Chris Picton did the drum machine, bass, guitars and keyboards himself. 

He had enlisted another guitarist who chimed in on two tracks and a female and a male vocalist who did one track each.

I was very unimpressed by his 2010 opus See Me Thru. An album just about surviving not being admitted in my turkey yard. 

My hopes for Still Life was therefore nill, null, zilch and not there. 

The album opens and several improvements has been noted. Most of all the ability to write a piece of music without being the object of a turkey yard. 

The first instrumental pieces is solidly in the one-man symphonic prog genre. The music is instrumental and laidback with some ambient pieces too.

The album provides a pretty big shock on the female vocals song Face To Face. It is a good song. The title track completes with male vocals is also a good song. 

There are also some more solid guitars and melodies on the instrumental tracks too and that makes this album a very solid upgrade on the debut album. So much that I should probably get the third and final album too.

Still Life is a decent to good album and well worth checking out.

2.5 points

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