Wednesday 30 September 2020

Pharaoh Overlord - Circle (2015)

The eight album from this band from Finland.

The band was a quintet with guitars, bass and drums. 

I suspect that someone also helped them out on synths and programming here.

I reviewed their first album a couple of weeks ago and I liked that album.

The band has really developed a lot since that album and has really become interesting on this album.

The music is a mix of space rock and psych rock on this album. All of it is instrumental. 

In this case, the music is really interesting with some good riffs and themes on every song. Songs which is really short, around the five minutes mark, on this thirty-seven minutes long album.

The guitars are mostly half-acoustic with a lot of vibratos and a classic jazz feel. That sound alone makes this album very interesting.

The songs are really very good and this is indeed an album I would recommend.

I am won over.

3.5 points


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