Thursday 23 August 2018

Clearlight - Impressionist Symphony (2014)

The ninth album from this French project.

Clearlight was a nine members big project with a lineup of synths, piano, drums, percussion, guitars, violin and wind instruments.

Clearlight is Cyrille Verdeaux band and project. The debut album Clearlight Symphony was released in 1973 just after Mike Oldfields album Tubular Bells. And by the same label too (Virgin) who hoped they had another Tubular Bells on their hand. They were wrong.

Clearlight has released some albums after that and Impressionist Symphony is probably the final ever Clearlight album. But Cyrille is still alive so we never know.

Impressionist Symphony is an hour long neo-classical music piece. There are some space rock, psych and symphonic prog here. But the music is eclectic neo-classical music.

There is one theme going through this symphony which is very good. A symphony performed with all the instruments listed above. Steve Hillage contributes with some spaced out guitars and his pieces are good.

I have found myself really enjoying this piece of neo-classical music far more than I thought I would do. I am surprised indeed. This is a good album and well worth checking out.

3 points

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