Tuesday 23 October 2018

Popol Vuh - Aguirre (1975)

The seventh album from this German band.

Popol Vuh is a sextet on this album with a lineup of guitars, drums, spinet, Moog, organ, piano, flute, oboe, pan pipes, percussions and some vocals.

This the soundtrack from the Werner Herzog movie of the same name. There are also some studio tracks here too. Altogether, an album like this.

Like Goblin, the band was now making movie soundtracks. Not a bad idea, at all.

There is a lot of instruments on this album. Which is unusual for a Popol Vuh album.

The music here is very much leaning towards the music Mike Oldfield did on his first albums. The first part of this album, at least.

The final part is much more a drone with some melodic stuff at the end. It is not that interesting and I guess that is the part of this album not included in the movie soundtrack.

The movie soundtrack bit is melodic and at times, very good.

The end result is a good album and one anyone should check out.

3 points

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