Thursday 21 March 2019

Quidam - SurREvival (2005)

The fourth album from this Polish band.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of flutes, bass, percussion, drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

I have really enjoyed their first three albums. In particular because of the very good female vocals who set the band apart from most other bands in the neo-prog scene in Poland and world wide.

So I was really looking forward to this album.

The female vocals has now gone and it seems for good. The male vocals are good though.

The music is pretty much middle of the road neo-prog. There is some Marillion and some more mainstream prog metal and rock influences here. The band is doing a good job.

The loss of the female vocals has removed much of their identity and charm.  

Quidam anno this album it is not the same as the good old version of this band.

When the band is not really coming up with the goods when it comes to good songs either..... Well, this is their weakest album so far.

What a shame.

2.5 points

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