Monday 11 May 2020

Molly Hatchet - No Guts...No Glory (1983)

The fifth album from this US band.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums and vocals.
They had help from a keyboardist, pianist and two guitarists.

Molly Hatchet is a band who released twelve studio albums.... so far. They are still around, touring and about to release a new live album. They are a true, honest southern rock band. And they got my respect.... tons of respect from me.

My first Molly Hatchet album was bought, based on the album cover, thirty years ago. It was their seventh album Lighening Strike Twice and I was too young to understand their southern rock. I will not review that album here as I have lost the cassette long time ago.

I have enjoyed their first four albums and reviewed them here. No Guts.... No Glory.. is the final Molly Hatchet I will review in this blog.

The music here is a bit of a mixed bag. All of it is southern culture and rock. From an attempt to make a country pop song to an epic ballad.

That epic ballad is named Fall Of The Peacemakers and it clocks in at eight minutes. Music wise, it is a mix of southern rock, country and prog. All of it in a southern rock sound. It is by far their most ambitious piece of music.... and it kinds of works. The lyrics is about peacemaking, Luther and so forth. Serious stuff.

There are also a lot of southern rock here and the album is indeed a southern rock album.

Fall Of The Peacemakers is a good song and the rest is not bad either. This is a solid decent to good album, indeed.

2.5 points


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