Thursday 26 March 2020

Aadal - Silver (2020)

The debut album from this Norwegian band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of saxophone, guitar, bass and drums.

This is the Norwegian guitarist Michael Aadal's band. I have to admit I do not know his music or who this is. Nevertheless, the album is here and is blasting through the speakers in my office.

The music here is fusion........... some sort of fusion.

I did expect an epic bombastic guitar based jazz album. That is not what showed up.

The saxophone is given a lot of free reign on this album and that is indeed a clever move. There is not as much guitars as I did expect. The saxophones are really good here and a joy to behold.

The music too is a bit of a surprise. Aadal takes us from jazz via fusion and eclectic prog to americana and country music to new wave of British heavy metal.

All of this is instrumental and all of this through superb musicianship. No wonder this album was released on a progressive rock label (Apollon Records) instead of on a jazz label.
That said; those who loves most of the output from Moonjune Records will love this album too. 

The result is forty minutes of good music and an album which will make a lot of waves in the scene. We have not heard the last tone from this band.

3 points

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